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A new year has begun.

On Christmas day I spoke of the difficulty many have of trying to find fulfillment from the outside, material world. We humans robotically reach farther and farther beyond ourselves, outward , stretching, reaching, to find contentment.

I ask you this:

What do you really want to learn this year?

Why do you need to do in order to feel fulfilled in life, in relationships, in business?

Here are some ideas to feed your soul:

~ Start a meditation practice: Just 15 minutes a day, in the morning, before reaching for that phone.

~ Find a meditation class. It’s always fun to meet new people with a like mind.

~ Start working on your psychic development. Everyone is psychic!

~ Find a mentor. Everyone needs a mentor in some capacity.

~ Be a mentor. Share the love, your wisdom and your expertise.

May you fall deeply in love with yourself this year. May you take a chance and pursue your most inner desires. May you live your life with full deliberate intention. Most importantly, may you find what it is that you are looking for… Happy New Year, xoxo.

Send me a message whenever you wish. I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and action plan for this new year!

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