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The year of the 4 in numerology.
2+0+2+0 = 4

Why am I, an evidential medium, speaking of numerology… because numerology is a passion of mine.

This year is all about digging in deep, a year of hard work and effort. A year to establish self control.

A year of being clear on your vision… setting priorities… having determination to see your goals to fruition and make your dreams into a reality.

This is a BREAKTHROUGH year!

A time to get organized and establish who you are and what you truly believe in.

This year you MUST take the time to have your ducks in a row, clean your surroundings, throw out the old, and keep less clutter a priority. You don’t need more stuff… remember that… stuff doesn’t make you happy.

Organize your external world… organize your sense of self.

Start today if you haven’t already… stop avoiding it, you are only avoiding your future self and your future success. Getting in touch with your feelings, finding your purpose, feeling how it will feel when you have clarity and gain control of your thoughts and environment… through contemplation, meditation, journal writing, and clearing the space… that’s what this year is all about.

Organizing your environment, organizing your thoughts, organizing your life… will give you a clear sense of accomplishment and freedom… this is how I want you to feel at the end of the year when you proudly announce to yourself that a breakthrough has occurred…. You know who you are! You acknowledge how you feel! You set your goals for the future and you envision the next year…

The year of the 5: the year of Freedom: Living life with no fear and having fun while doing it!

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