About Nicole Reilly.

Nicole is an evidential medium and psychic who prides herself in both her integrity and innate ability to connect with both the spirit world and the living, through her extrasensory perception.  


As a former Registered Nurse specializing in healing physical wounds, as well as time spent working in hospice, she has witnessed  and participated first hand in immense pain and suffering of the human body and soul, oftentimes resolving itself through the process of death.  


Born and raised in one of the most spiritual cities in America, New Orleans, her Catholic upbringing, which encouraged a connection with saints and angels, has given her a strong sense of an otherworldly presence and the feeling of never being alone.  As an eternal seeker of spiritual truths and wisdom combined with the mystery of death itself, her wonderment of mediumship continues daily. 


She’s been described as an “Emotional Alchemist” in her work as she relishes in digging in deep, not merely excavating the dates, facts and events of the past, but by bringing forth honest and raw emotions which serve to glue the dry brittle shards together, imparting an insight into her clients true nature, both sitting before her and in the spirit world, in revealing their true self, as a divine-being.  


Her ultimate goal in her sessions is to assist her clients to transform any emotional confusion into insightful clarity hence allowing personal and spiritual transmutation so they can release themselves from thoughts and events that are weighing heavy on their soul and guide them towards healing, in order to live the life that they were meant to live… without regret.   As an eternal seeker of spiritual truths and wisdom combined with the mystery of death itself, her wonderment of mediumship continues daily. 


Most recently Nicole suffered the loss of her beloved William, a young boy whom her family loved and cared for as their own.  It is through this profound loss that she has truly felt the pain of her clients in the loss of a child, which makes her even more determined to relish in her true purpose; that of her soul’s ability to express the art of mediumship within the world. 


In 2014, Nicole established The Healing House, a sanctuary for wellness and transformation, that she created in her hometown of Covington, Louisiana, north of New Orleans.  It is in this space that she shares with other like minded souls, that she sees clients in person, online and abroad via zoom, enjoying a connection with different cultures and nationalities both internationally and throughout the United States.  Nicole contributes much of her sense of self to her husband John and the three beautiful souls that she calls her own, Lauren, Elise & Aubrie. 


Official Biography

Nicole Reilly was born and raised in New Orleans in a family deeply rooted in Catholicism. It is through this faith that she has always felt a strong need to understand Spirituality, her purpose and our existence, including our existence on the other side.

As a former Registered Nurse, who specialized in extensive wound healing, she understands first hand that healing raw, sensitive wounds takes love, nourishment and time. As a natural born Medium, she knows that a connection with a loved one in spirit can lessen the burden of grief and allow emotional wounds to heal at rapid speed.

Nicole has been mentored by two world renowned Mediums, Mavis Pittilla and Tony Stockwell, and she takes her work very seriously. As an Spiritual Medium, she uses her ability as a conduit to both worlds bringing forward those who have transitioned, holding the space for them to communicate with the living, while offering messages of love, hope and evidence of their continued existence.

Nicole also values her work as a intuitive as she is able to offer guidance to those in need of finding their path in life. She also works as a an intuitive investigator offering assistance to law enforcement with unresolved homicides and missing person cases.

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