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This is Amazon… a name that perfectly suits her, ya?

Powerful. Majestic.

Was I afraid to saddle up? You bet I was.
Did she know it? Never!

I’m a risk taker, but never a fool. I take things how they come, never looking too far into the future, rarely looking back at mistakes of the past and pondering them.

Some may indeed call this foolish. I prefer to see this as one of my strengths.

Amazon showed up, standing tall right before me, expecting me to just jump right on and let her take me on a journey. I did just that. Trusting in her, not being fearful of the space that she took up.

We melded together as one.

I posted that photo when it was first taken a few years ago and entitled it Amazon. Amazon posed for this photo true to who I felt she was… A Warrior Queen… and while riding her I knew that she could take me anywhere and I’d trust her completely.

As I became mesmerized by the both of us in that photo, my immediate thought became, “Would someone think that I was referring to myself as “Amazon”, I mean, I’m a big gir!l”

I let that thought take me to places that made me feel less than. I felt that I should just take this photo down & not let anyone see it, because I felt overweight and unbecoming, like an Amazon.

My insecurities rose up engulfing me. I wanted so much to share this photo but couldn’t look upon myself.

I soon realized that this photo was not about me, it was about Amazon and that if she could read my thoughts as I sat miles away from her pondering the immature, stupidity of it all, she would be pissed. It would mean that I had forgotten the purpose in her showing up in my life.

We all fear at some point in our lives, when starting something new, when seeing things through a different lens, when facing the possibility of our world never being the same, not wanting to put ourselves out there because of judgement from others, saying yes to ride the tallest, biggest horse you’ve ever seen in your life, and making that choice in a split second.

Don’t allow fear to cripple you. Don’t let fear hold you back from awestruck experiences.

Harness it! Channel it into passion!

As I searched for this photo for this blog post, feeling as though my thoughts should be written, I opened the photo, blew it up and saw for the first time, two Warrior Queens.

I’m very proud of who I’ve become. It is through mistakes and growth….mistakes and growth… that have led me to being confident in myself, my strong body, my mind & my heart. Would I like to take some of those mistakes and wish that they never happened, of course I do. But I would be kidding myself to think that they did not serve a purpose.

I’d prefer to look back on life and say, “Wow, I cannot believe that I did that!” than to wish it to have happened.

Remember, my friend, for this quote is unequivocally true:

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear!”

I’m curious as to what opportunities you’ve created for yourself by facing your fears?
Please, consider inspiring one another and leaving a note in the comments.

Best to you wherever you are,
Nicole ~x

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