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Anam Cara Guidance

You are determined, dedicated and purpose driven.

You know who you are, what you want, and how to get it.

Just the thought of the path ahead lights you up and sets your soul on fire, because you, lady, are powerful! YOU are a Warrior Goddess.

You’ve had coaches and mentors who have pushed you out of your comfort zone and pushed you past what you thought you were capable of to lead you to the success you have now.

You already know the rules of entrepreneurship, you know how to identify your blocks and limiting beliefs and you can manifest like a badass!

But you are now at the precipice of a new revolution. You are beginning to evolve your conscious thoughts and stepping into the next phase of your creation.

You feel there’s more out there for you and EVEN more potential in you than you realise and I’m here to help you unleash it.

The great unknown is out there beckoning you – you know this, you can feel it, but being the leader that you are, the way is not always clear, it’s a path that’s hidden from view because you are out front blazing a trail.

You want a guide. A spirit guide, in human form.

I’m Nicole, your super-psychic, human guide with keen, extrasensory perception.

I provide you with insight, not only into yourself and where you are going, but insight into the challenges that you are facing.

I want to push you further than before, into unknown territory, while helping you evolve yourself and your business. My reason for being here is to help you increase your impact to make deeper connections with your tribe and help you move them past their hurdles to give back to the Universe.

Because of my gifts, I see you for who you are, I know you in your truth and I feel the vibration that is ready to ascend you to even HIGHER levels of success and self mastery.

During our time together, I will teach you to strengthen your own intuition to help you to achieve your goals and most importantly give you an intuitive foundation to help you to create a stronger future.

When you allow me to stand at your side and step in with my superpowers to guide you on this incredible journey so that you will not only have a trusted friend and psychic advisor, you will have a woman who wants the BEST for you because I will be your Anam Cara.

The role of an Anam Cara or ‘Soul Friend’ is a teacher, a companion, a spiritual guide with whom you share your innermost self and reveal the hidden intimacies of your heart, mind and soul.

The relationship goes beyond all conventional friendship and creates an act of recognition and belonging that joins our souls in an ancient and eternal way. You are understood and accepted as you are, without mask or pretension and you are held in beauty and light.

This relationship helps you awaken your inner power, your self awareness and your absolute truth and greatness so that you can arrive in the place you are meant to be. That place is home. The home of your deep knowing and wisdom that transforms your life, the work you do and your conscious presence in this world.

Let us create the sacred relationship that awakens your life in order to free the wild possibilities within you.

How this works

Anam Cara Guidance is a high-level, high-touch experience. I am here for you in your needs and desires.

We connect as many times as you need, so I can support you in your journey.

However, at the start of our six months together we agree on powerful boundaries that serve us both to enable you to be the person you want to be and bring forth all that you are destined for.


The visionaries I work with know there is a deeper meaning to their choices, a higher purpose to their entrepreneurial path and a need for soulful alignment of their truths and beliefs in how they show up every day in their work.

They are ready to invest their time, energy and money to explore what is hidden from sight and they are willing to surrender themselves to the unknown through my intuitive guidance and psychic abilities.

To work with me on an ongoing basis, my clients invest 5-figures for a minimum of six months.

If you are curious about having me as your Anam Cara, I’d love to have a conversation to explore your needs and how I might help. Click the button to apply.