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Are you ready?

If you’ve been reading my musings you know that I was born and raised Catholic in one of the most Catholic cities in the United States, New Orleans. I love my hometown and I often crave the smell of an old church pew, melting candles and frankincense all rolled into one.

If you’ve ever been to St. Louis Cathedral, in Jackson Square, in the heart of New Orleans, you will clearly see fortune tellers, tarot card readers, street performers, and tourists enjoying the revelry right outside of the Church’s front door.

When the doors are open, you cannot help but glance inside of this magnificent structure and before you know it, as if in a trance of awe and wonder, you step inside from the noise and chaos afflicting your senses as you feel a beckoning that you just cannot ignore.

So whenever I feel into my spirituality, my profession of Mediumship was really never a bit deal. If anything I felt right at home embracing this path. Mediumship, just like the inside of this spirit filled sanctuary, is something that I cannot look away from. I cannot pretend it’s not there.

While I feel so connected to my soul and so close to God when I sit in a church pew, it has been a somewhat difficult road for me as I have come into my own as a Professional Medium.

Knowing that there’s quite a few disparaging thoughts that come my way from the “religious” people around me and that many can be quick to quote scripture, I have to say that I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to take their comments and thoughts, contemplate them and continue on my path.

I’m not defending my profession or disputing scripture… If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that defense of oneself is all about the ego, I’m not in it for that.

I didn’t ask to be a Medium. This ability is simply a natural 7th sense, if you will, that I can tap into to easily. It’s a refined sense that I was born with.

There’s a huge lesson that I have learned, sometimes easily, sometimes with sweat, tears and torment and that is…

“You’ve got to be ready for what you ask for.”

And that isn’t as easy as it sounds.

I wasn’t ready to come out of the closet as a Medium when I did. I did however begin to have profound experiences which kept leading me back to my path.

There have been times in my life that feelings of despair, myself worth, my path, and overwhelm has left me questioning everything. It’s times like these that have lead me back to a voice inside saying to me…

“You’ve got to be ready for what you ask for!”

You ask for love… You must love yourself and love will find you.

You ask for peace… You must be kind to others and your heart will be filled with peace.

You ask for joy… You must have fun, laugh, allow yourself to be childlike and you will find joy.

You ask for money… You must give of yourself, believe you are worthy and you will manifest what you need.

You ask for friends… You must be a friend to many and your tribe will form.

You ask for a closer connection to God… You must see God in all things, especially in yourself.

You ask, you ask, you ask… and you are given. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Yet, we (and I am including my self) have all that we need. Asking is our cry for assistance, our lifeline of wondering, “Is there anyone out there to hear me!”

What we fail to see is that the assistance you seek is automatically given because it’s already there.

Doing is the key!

You ask for a connection with your loved one in Spirit… sit in the silence, practice the silence to hear their voice. That’s it.

And if you write to me and say… “I try Nicole, but I don’t hear it”…

Then I’m going to ask… “Do you really? Do you have expectations of what you want to hear, because having ‘conditions’ is not trying.”

A wise friend recently told me… “You know what Nicole, you are so spiritual yet you run from God, do you ask for your burden’s to be taken away!”

I was a little astounded for a whole millisecond until her words rang true, true, true, like a french chime reverberating through my body! Yes, I do run from God, the Great Spirit, The Source of All. I’m not good at asking… and I forget sometimes about the Doing part…

So my new challenge for myself is to make a list of what I want… what I really, really want.

I’m going to focus on this list for the next 3 weeks. Just this list. I’m going to ask the Universe, the God Source, the Great Spirit, for exactly what I want… and I’m going to play my part in allowing that to happen while living a good life and doing good for others.

I’m going to be really ready for what I ask for… and I’m going to trust that it will come to fruition.

My challenge to you is to join me in doing the same.

What DO you want?

Much Love,

P.S. I’m ready to shake things up!

It’s already March for goodness sakes and time is flying by. If you’re feeling like me and ready to shake things up as well, consider joining me this Sunday, March 24th, 10-noon, @ The Healing House in Covington where we will go deep, meditate, write, share, and have some fun while shaking things up and sending it off into the Universe for manifestation.

More information to follow tomorrow!

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