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One of the greatest joys in my life is hearing from clients. Here’s one that I am humbled to share.

Nancy and I had our first reading September 28th, 2017. It was a telephone reading in which her son Ky came through loud and clear. As I was giving her lots of evidential information I began to hear the words, “Blue bird… Blue. Bird.” over and over. When asking Nancy if there was any reference that she could give to blue bird, she said that she really could not relate. When this happens during a reading, and everything prior to that was spot on I tend to take this as a sign and said so to Nancy.

One month later we began our correspondence.

October 2017

Hi Nicole,
I just had to share. In our reading with Ky you said “Blue Bird. Blue. Bird”…..
Today, while sitting in Ky’s room, working on some office stuff at his desk, I heard some pretty noisy chirping at the window. When I looked up – there in the right corner perched on the window box was a tiny bird just chirping and waiting for my attention! I laughed, thanked my sweet guy for his special sign, and tried to take a pic….the bird flew off just as I tried to snap. But, none the less, my heart was full. Thank you 🙂

February 2018:

Hello Nicole,
One of the things you conveyed from Ky was bluebird – Blue. Bird. Within days a bird appeared at my window while working and I sent you that picture. Since then I have been blessed with so many blue bird sightings in the yard and around the tree we planted in Ky’s honor. We have lived here for 20 years and honestly I never noticed bluebirds. We have many birds of course, but not blue birds like the many I see now. But most amazing, was the day I dusted the china cabinet. In the cabinet we have Ky’s ashes with one of our favorites photos of him – alongside a small crystal bird, candle and a fox figurine. Until that day of dusting I never noticed that the small crystal bird actually has a small spot of cobalt blue in the center. I always thought it was clear. How I didn’t notice before, or recognize in the reading, I’m not sure – but now treasure it even more.

I had the honor of meeting Nancy in person at the Helping Parents Heal Conference in April. When she approached me and introduced herself, I honestly could not remember how, when, or where I had met her, until she said to me two words… Blue. Bird. My heart sped up and the feeling of her son and my memories of our session flooded back into my mind and took over my thoughts. I’m not sure if other Medium’s have this sensation but once I meet spirit, I know them… I don’t forget them but most what’s most intriguing is that I remember what they “feel” like. We hugged, and it felt sooo good!

June 6, 2018

Nicole – just had to share. The number of blue birds I’ve seen in our yard since the wonderful reading with you and Ky has been amazing. Here’s the latest.

With love and appreciation – Nancy.

I share this with Nancy’s permission as she continues to connect with her Beloved son Ky, feeling his presence and knowing without a shadow of doubt, that Love Never Dies.

Much Love,

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