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If you’re considering booking a session with me, congratulations on deciding to take this next step in your journey! Before you schedule, I first want you to know a few things…

 1. I’m not like other mediums.

I’m a natural medium as opposed to being taught the “mechanics” of what mediumship entails. If you just want to hear some platitudes from your loved one, I’m not the medium for you. I do deep work with Spirit to connect with the other side and I consider it a great honor to communicate their message. 

While I provide evidence of the connection, I also don’t beat around the bush when it comes to giving you what you need to move forward.  Because that is the goal – to move forward. Grief can be an all encompassing emotion, and yes, you need time to grieve, but from the years I’ve been doing this work there’s one thing I know as truth… your loved ones want you to move forward and LIVE your life. That’s what I’m here to help you do.


2. There are no excuses.

I bring forward who you want to hear from. Too many times I’ve had clients come to me to say that other mediums were not able to connect with their person – to me, that’s just a cop out! I will connect with whomever you wish and if that connection eludes me, I will let you know in the session. You can then choose to either a) end the session there and receive a refund, or b) continue the session with me as your intuitive mentor to help you make the decisions that will have a deep and lasting impact on your life going forward. 

3. It takes work and dedication to be a medium.

It takes effort and development while knowing (and healing) oneself through life’s experiences. It takes brain power and heart power. It’s not easy work, nor is it “fun and games”. There is lightness and joy in the connection I make but the work itself is serious and I consider it to be of great importance to allow Spirit to guide me in all I do for my clients. I’m honest and compassionate but I won’t pussy-foot around.  There’s work to be done through Spirit’s guidance and I am here as the conduit for you to finally “take life by the horns” once again.  

4. The real gift.

Mediumship can be a mode of healing but the gift is not the mediumship itself, it’s the communication with Spirit. Sometimes the message received is clear as day, other times the message will reveal itself to you after your session.

Know this: If you book a session with me, it can be the most powerful thing you can do to move forward in your life… if you allow it to.

Be open to receiving what Spirit has to offer, even if it appears to be something unexpected. Also, please note that your session can be used how you like. If you don’t need to connect via mediumship, I can instead help guide you through your current situation to embrace your next step in life.

If you’re ready to book, then I can’t wait to connect with you. Sessions are 50 minutes (for solo attendees only) and they are available ‘In Person’ at my office in Covington (LA), or ‘Online’ via video-conference.

Select your time and date below to book your session, or if you’d prefer to gift a session, click the button.

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My sessions are all full for the rest of the year.  I’ll be opening my books for new sessions every month or so going forward, so if you’d like to get first option of a session, please add your name to the waitlist and I’ll email you when they’re available.