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Feeling into the story, is how I start random conversation. Feeling into the story is how I start every session. Feeling into the story of You is how I go right into the root of why you are seeking me out, asking for my help. Feeling into the story, whether you know it or not, is truly the gateway to the soul… your soul or your loved one’s soul in spirit. Feeling into the story is the key to human interaction & connection.
It was brought to my attention lately as I have done several spiritual intuitive sessions, meaning not mediumship per se, that while I was feeling into the story and voicing my feelings, my client was in agreement with me, yet had forgotten their story in a sense. In these sessions I’m referring to, the story brought back to them was the story of their childhood. Whether that was a childhood that sprung from a wounded space or an uplifted, light, loving space… they had forgotten. They had forgotten that that child still did exist inside of them. Feeling into someone’s story doesn’t necessarily take me back to a person’s childhood each and every time, only when it’s necessary. By necessary, I mean that oftentimes experiencing childhood in the ‘here and now’, reliving your story through my own voice, my own expression, as though I am telling a story of someone else allows you to see yourself in awe and wonder, not through the eyes of judgement. Seeing a client’s facial expressions change from seriousness, to awe, to wonderment, of a life forgotten is so powerful. The feelings and emotions that we had as a child are carried with us into adulthood. While complex in nature, these feelings and emotions shape us in our belief system, our own sense of intuition, our innate sense of self and our trust in others. As we grow into adulthood we lose many of these senses, relying on the opinions of others, valuing our self worth on the amount of money we make, allowing our true core values to disappear, hidden from others, conforming to what other people see in us, want for us or simply take from us. So you see, sometimes going back, feeling into the story of who you were as a child can be profound. Negative energy as a child, you can carry that with you throughout your life. You work, you forgive, you let go… yes!… good for you. Then you wonder why you are attracted to negative people, allowing others to take advantage of you, etc. I say this… your childhood state of emotions are “home base”. Does that make sense? For me, childhood was happiness, joyfilled, full of family and creativity, when I’m struggling I realize that I need my “home base”, I need my friends, I need to create something from nothing. This is my home base. For some, childhood may have been filled with negativity, instability, unreliability, so when struggling this is their “home base” so in turn they tend to sabotage their path by straying into the feelings of unworthiness, or place judgement on themselves for feeling safe and secure and living a good life, so instead they choose to negate their achievements as if anyone could have done what they did with their life Home base doesn’t have to be this way. It’s a natural reaction to going back. You can change home base when you look at that child inside from an adult perspective. My focus here in this musing is to bring you back. To honor that child within. To praise that child for the accomplishments that you have achieved. To remember WHO you are, a soul with a unique purpose. To bring back that childlike wonderment of not knowing where you are going, no knowing where life is going to take you, adventurer inside of you, that’s longing to break free from the constraints that you yourself has tethered to this soul of yours. Take back what belongs to you… take back the child inside of YOU! Nicole XOXO
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