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A spiritual revolution is taking place. Many are trying to do more than solve physical or emotional problems. Many are seeking a pathway to endow their lives with more meaning, fulfilment and joy.

In other words, transcending the mundane.

This happiness that you seek, this presence of peace that you long for can only be found on one place… inside of yourself.

Unconditional love of yourself allows you to fully express and ask for nothing in return.

THIS is the pathway to enlightenment.

On this most holiest of days, I implore you to take a look at yourself… literally.

Stand in front of a mirror, look at the beauty of your soul reflecting through your eyes. Express out loud how much you love yourself. Be with you for a moment. No one else.

As you move through your day, spread the LOVE & share the LIGHT.

THIS…. THIS is what God has asked of mankind.

BE THE CHANGE. It starts with you.

Merry Christmas.


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