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Have you ever the experience of someone being in a situation that requires resolution and instead they chose to say the words, “I’m going to come from love”?

The other day someone was speaking of an experience where they were disappointed in someone else’s actions towards them. Instead of getting to the root of the issue, they said, “I am going to take the higher road, and come from love!”

Another instance was when someone didn’t know what to say when someone lost their child to suicide and they said to me, “I’m just going to come from love.” Meaning I’m not going to say anything, just come from a place of love for that person.

Personally speaking, I am so tired of this overused phrase.

As I reflected on this phrase… come from love… had to ponder, iis this honest and truthful of how they really feel? or is it a cop out phrase used when someone either doesn’t know what to say or doesn’t want to put the effort into a meaningful conversation. My experience has been that it’s usually the latter.

So, please, hear me out for a minute…

From my experience when the words “come from love” have been spoken it’s akin to a band aid of sorts.

There’s an open wound, it’s festering but healing at each corner and each time someone sends the words or the energy of “I will just come from love” the corners begin to heal but the center is still infected. The more those words are spoken or thought towards the other person, the edges continue to heal, but in fact, the infection never leaves.

My solution is to stop using that phrase! Instead of “coming from love”, speak your truth. If you feel that you cannot speak your truth then write your truth and send it in the post. If that’s not an option, then burn that letter, let it go and move on.

Because as you continue to “come from love” nothing is really changing.

Until you speak your own truth AND come from love is when the beautiful mysteries of life begin to occur. Then we are finally being honest with ourselves and the each other.

My biggest take away with this thought is that if we continue to think or say “come from love” and act on it by speaking our truth or by allowing the other person to speak theirs, then all that we are doing is putting a bandaid on a festering wound.

So I have to ask, are we really coming from love, is that really love if we aren’t taking action? I don’t think so.

Speak your truth, say your words, and in turn, you are coming from LOVE>

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