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A question from a fellow musing follower:

How do you cope with being so sensitive and an empath?  

Me? Sensitive? An empath!

My first response was an immediate… I am absolutely not sensitive or an empath.

I struggled with this my whole life.  Being sensitive and an empath completely went against my nature. I am rough and tumble. As a child I was more boy than girl.  I was an only child, free to be me, who excelled at fishing, water skiing, camping, and riding dirt bikes. I use swear words and power tools.

So when the words empath, sensitive, compassionate fell into my scope of practice, I couldn’t swallow.  The lump in my throat was huge. I have never ever considered myself any of those words, which seem pink, frilly, and full of white lace.

And there lay my deepest fear….

The fear of changing my thoughts… about myself.

You see, I can change.  I can cut 12 inches off of my hair in one sitting and have no regrets, I have bought, sold, renovated and moved 12 times in the last 20 years. But changing my inner thoughts about myself?  Talk about difficult.

When we grow up with our own set of beliefs, they naturally come from the family that we were raised in whether we like them or not.  To go out into the word and cultivate your own sense of oneness takes a heck of a lot of work. I was determined to find myself on this journey.

I did a lot of work. I joined a women’s group at my local catholic church… that didn’t work for me. I went on silent retreats, ugh! I sought out guru’s in many different metaphysical fields and was taught their methods of energetic healing (which I thoroughly enjoyed until one day while studying pranic healing I diagnosed a woman with an illness of which only she and her daughter in the class knew, performed the energy healing on her which was taught to us and sent her straight to the ER!)

Remember, I am tough and tumble? Apparently I socked it to her energetically. Thank goodness she was ok but it did throw her and me both for a loop. Needless to say, this was a defining moment for me. It didn’t make me want to practice pranic healing, it made me want to run as fast as I could from this energy work and never do it again.

So you see, still saying that I am an empath or sensitive is so difficult for me but maybe it’s because I am afraid of what that really means. I do believe in the power of words, so by me not admitting to it… well, it makes it less of a “thing’” for me to deal with.

They say that empaths feel or absorb other people’s emotions.  I don’t want to do that on the daily. I don’t walk around all day feeling other people’s emotions but if I look you in the eye… well that’s another story.

So to say that a psychic medium is an empath and sensitive, well it just makes sense because I can feel into your energy field psychically and can connect with your loved one via mediumship, so ok… I am a sensitive empath.But here’s the thing and I will repeat it again.  I don’t really resonate with those words. Oftentimes, I forget what I do for a living.  I do not go around all day on high alert, talking to spirit and reading people’s minds. Could you imagine?  That would be awful.

However, when I am called to do my work in a session or in a demonstration… it’s on!

My advice to anyone who feels as though they are on high alert as a sensitive or empath (which are both one in the same) you must first decide whether this is working for you. I believe highly in the power of the mind.  So I would ask you, to ask yourself, “How is being on high alert serving you? If it is (which again, I cannot imagine) then be who you are. If it is a struggle, then maybe you should consider turning it off. Give the universe your set of rules of engagement.

I am able to turn my sensitivities on and off at will.  So can you, if you chose to. I know many mediums who live in this world constantly.  Finding a parking spot is because of spirit or angels. I am not doubting them. I have to live my own life without interference from the other world.

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