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I have had the opportunity to coach quite a few women as of late. One of the most exciting parts to my journey is being able to do this work.

I was recently interview for a magazine article and was asked, “Why do you feel the need to coach people through life? Why not just use your talents as a Medium and concentrate solely on that area of expertise?”

While at first I was taken back by that question, I mean, hello, nothing like throwing me a curveball!… I honestly didn’t skip a beat when answering…

Each of us already possess everything that we need to feel and BE empowered, happy, resilient, and successful in life. But life often gets in the way, you get swallowed up by responsibilities and external events.

For me to step into my own purpose in life, Mediumship, I had to go through years of reflection and introspection, ups and downs, friends leaving me behind or walking away, all the while learning more about myself and the influences in my life that I allow to affect me both positively and negatively.

I had to dive DEEP. I often felt like I was going off of the deep end in reality. I pulled through when I allowed my light to shine. My light is when I connect in with the Divine to connect with those who have passed, to connect with my higher self and spirit guides and also to connect with and assist others in their own journey through this lifetime. Not bad, huh, for being put on the spot! (I actually think that I channeled that response, lol! I’m not usually that quick..)

Here’s why I feel that way. Many of us lack clarity, direction, motivation, allowing obstacles and overwhelm to take over daily. I will say this to each and every one of you…

If you ever feel like you are being swallowed whole and can’t pull yourself up, I have been there! It’s oftentimes when we intuitively know what it is that we should be doing for ourselves, then ignore our inner guidance, that we find ourselves in a space of overwhelming nothingness.

You know that feeling, right?

I am here to tell you that if you keep on moving, one small step each day, you will begin to move towards your very own light. Your very own purpose, here and now. Begin to create your own change by taking one baby step this week. Maybe it’s meditating once a day for 10 minutes or going for a walk outside and moving slow enough to look up at the sky or the trees above your head and give sincere thanks for the air that you breathe.

Here is a thought that I know to be true: You are a part of a bigger picture. You are a part of the Divine. You have nothing to lose really, so just let your light shine through!

PS. Sometimes it takes falling down just so that you have a reason to pick yourself back up. Picking yourself back up is the best part of living.

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