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Do you Belong or do you just fit in? 


Fitting in is about becoming who you need to be in order to be accepted in the world you’ve created for yourself.  It’s about dressing a certain way, to fit in… saying certain things, even though they aren’t in alignment with your soul, to fit in… being in relationships that make you feel less than, just to fit in… hanging with friends who are gossips and care only about money, looks, power, control, revenge, themselves, blah, blah, blah, just to fit in.  


^^THIS is Fitting-In!^^


Belonging on the other hand does not require you to change who you are.  


Belonging is speaking your truth, telling your story, never compromising yourself for others.  


Belonging is never betraying yourself for others.  


Belonging is being who you are.  


Belonging is surrounding yourself with with like minded people who share a common belief system, people who are not afraid to use their own voice for the higher good, people who are just as vulnerable as you are, yet know that through this vulnerability, they will grow and learn, stand up for themselves and others, share their knowledge and their fears, because in this lifetime they know deep within their soul… that they are meant for more!


If you are reading this and it resonates with you, then take a look at my video below. 


Join me in my new facebook group, Velvet Underground, a space created for women, who long to belong. 


With Love, 


P.S. While I love my guy friends, this group is just for us girls, xoxo 

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