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Carrying your ego in your back pocket? Ego is simply an idea that you carry around with you everywhere that you go. It’s a protective shell that we wear to keep us separate. Ego stems from fear, keeps you in competition, insists that you are an individual in body and mind. It keeps you stuck inside of yourself. Notice when your ego is in control. When you judge others, that’s ego. When you judge yourself, that’s ego too! Ego keeps your distance from the God source. It keeps you from believing that anything is possible, that life exists after death, that all humanity stems from Love itself regardless of human suffering and actions. Ego is a tool, use it that way. It’s a hidden teacher that when you recognize it in yourself and commit to letting the ego go, that you are not your body, you are not your mind, you ARE a divine creation… Once you realize this… there’s no stopping what you can achieve in this lifetime. Yes! Shout that out loud! I am… Nicole
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