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I have to admit that as I sit here to write this post, I am finding difficulty with my words and realize that what I really want to do is just sit in the stillness that is all around me.

The birds are chirping, the breeze is blowing and I am thinking, thinking, thinking of my next thought as I write.

I stop, get up, take this photo. I have made my decision.

I am deciding to sit in the stillness.

I ask you to do the same today. After you read this post, find your place of stillness.

I offer this to you:

Whenever there is silence around you, listen to it… notice it… pay attention to it. As you do, breathe it in, this “feeling of stillness”.

It’s only then that you will hear the silence. Silence… it’s oh so good.

Stillness + Silence = Being Present.

Being Present is a Present to yourself. Do it. Be it. Practice it. You won’t be disappointed.

Find your Stillness.

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