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“Gratitude as a Spiritual Bypass”

Even though there’s a pandemic keeping you from your family, at least you have one.

Your sister may have avoided you all year, but it’s the holiday’s, just pretend and keep the peace.

I see you…

You want more in your life, from your friends, from your family, from relationships, but instead you just continue saying that you’re grateful for what you have, even when this reframe of gratitude is bringing you NO JOY.

There’s a name for this.

It’s called Spiritual Bypassing.

It happens when we go straight for the “good or right” feeling of gratitude instead of acknowledging your “true” feelings.

How often do you do this over the Holiday Season?

Always saying that you are grateful instead of saying that you hate life at the moment, as it’s not doing you any favors.

Quite honestly, this way of thinking it’s not mentally healthy!

While speaking in the negative isn’t what I’m suggesting, I am offering you a different approach to gratitude.

Because when you stuff down the feelings of overwhelm, regret, resentment, grief… you’re not allowing your light to shine.

Acknowledge how you are feeling.

Write it out, even if it’s for your own eyes.

Tell someone whom you trust that will listen, with no response or judgement.

Respond to this email… I certainly won’t judge.

You’ve got to let it out!

Don’t avoid feelings by instead just saying what you’re grateful for.

They go hand in hand.

2020 hasn’t entirely sucked… but I bet that it’s brought up lots of feelings and emotions that are begging for you to address.

“Feeling” gratitude is one of them.

It’s an uplifting, joyous feeling!

Before you get out of bed, try putting a smile on your face as you say, “Today is going to be an amazing day!”

That’s also a way to express gratitude.

Feeling much gratitude and love for you,
Nicole Xx

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