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I finished the year on a high note feeling thankful and blessed to have served Spirit in the most meaningful way that I could.

I am grateful to my clients who have trusted me by turning to me, vulnerable and desperate, seeking comfort and love and acknowledgement  not only of their loved ones in spirit but oftentimes acknowledgement of their own feelings and emotions, of them as a spiritual being, on a spiritual journey.  

Oftentimes, I hear back how grateful in turn that they were for their connection with me.  That I was there to listen to them and offer evidence of the afterlife, insight and comfort through their grief.  How they felt that a session with me gave them permission to move forward in their life… And for that, I am honored.

On that note I have also heard loud and clear that there is a waitlist to have a session with me.

So, for you, my dear friends, I have opened up my schedule to allow more sessions to become available.

If you haven’t checked in a while, I offer you more times and days in hopes that there is an opening to suit you.  

I would be honored to work with you & for you. Click here to book a session.

Much Love,


PS. I’m offering a 19% discount on all my sessions if you book within the next 10 days (by January 23rd). This can be for any date in the future that shows available. Use the code NEWYEAR19 for sessions and NEWYEAR2019 for packages.

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