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Grounding or Earthing It’s not what you call it… it’s that you do it! Grounding is literally the most straightforward way to connect to the Earth… take off your shoes, step onto the grass, rocks, sand, dirt, you get my drift, and allow your skin to touch the ground… not so difficult is it? For those of you who think this sounds woo woo and silly, that’s ok, just consider it, research it… You can google the effects of grounding and believe it or not there’s lots of studies published in fancy journals speaking of its benefits such as helping with insomnia, reducing inflammation, assisting in reducing the excess of free radicals in our body which have been implicated in chronic disease and aging. The list goes on and on. In a baby nutshell, my feelings are this: Modern life has disconnected us from the Earth. We no longer grow our own food, take long walks in nature, heck most of us don’t even cut our own grass. We are never touching the Earth itself, and when we are, we are wearing rubber soled shoes and we are walking on concrete. Hence, we never REALLY touch the Earth. This is why I’m so passionate about putting my feet to the Earth everyday. When my girls are struggling, the first thing I say is, “Did you ground?” If they are stressed, “Go Ground!” is my first response. My reason for grounding is pretty simple. I crave it! I ground everyday, not usually on purpose per se, it just happens as a habit since I’m mostly barefoot when at home. But just because I’m barefoot and on the Earth, well, I want more… Because grounding centers me, clears my mind… it Grounds me to ME and makes me whole heartedly feel, not only a connection to Magnificent Mother Earth, but intensely connected to the soul inside of me who feels lots of feels throughout the day and often needs and craves coming back to center, coming home. If I am in any way stressed, have to make a difficult decision, missing someone that I love, I ground. Here’s how I do it: Shoes off, feet to ground, I close my eyes, feel the coolness of the first touch of a blade of grass moistened with morning dew or the heat that the powerful sun has given to the Earth as the day has progressed… and I stand rooted in this glorious moment. I stand tall as an antennae. Feeling the energy of the Father sky above me and Pachamama below me. Allowing them both to infuse me with joy and fill me with life sustaining energy to get through the day with a tank filled, so to speak. And this, my friends, takes such little time and little effort. So I ask you to consider getting into this habit. But know that grounding isn’t about asking. Grounding is about accepting. Food for thought: We as a society take and take and take from Mother Earth/Pachamama. How glorious and honorable is it that one of her children stand in their own power and accept her energy as a gift. Honoring Pachamama as we honor our own selves. Ahh… I’m feeling a bit emotional on that one. Wishing you a glorious Sunday! XOXO Nicole
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