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Happy Mother’s Day and Happy 10th birthday to youngest daughter, Aubrie.

It’s on this day 10 years ago that the words, “I have been waiting my whole life for you!” slipped out of my semi conscious mouth as her newborn face was pressed against mine.

You see, I was not prepared for this last pregnancy. I already had 2 daughers who were 17 and 7. Aubrie was a complete suprise after being told that I would never birth another child.

She is who brought me to Mediumship and the development of my own keen 6th sense. I went through this pregnancy with much contemplation of “what is my life purpose was, what am I here to do?” It was during this time that my heightened sense of spirit came back to me in a childhood flash of remembrance and my life has never been the same.

While some of you reading this post understand the feeling of life never being the same after the birth of a child, this sense of a major transformation that goes through you when bringing a child into the world, there are some here who have also had their precious child transition into the Spirit world and hence there second major life shift occured.

On this mother’s day and in honor of my daughter Aubrie, I write this to you:

There is never a time when our child is not a part of our lives. Whether your child has transitioned, you are estranged or they are sitting right next to you, the Spirit world and the spirit of one another connects us all energetically.
There are so many lessons for us parents to learn from our children, both here and in the spiritual realm. Reach out to them today, tell your child how much you love them. Giving love is the greatest gift that we humans can bestow on one another.

All of my love to you this day,
Nicole x

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