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I am presently at the Helping Parents Heal Conference and I must say that the love, hope and strength of this tribe is simply breathtaking.

I have had the profound pleasure and honor of meeting with several Mom’s & Dad’s who have lost their precious child or children.

The enormity of loss while here at the conference can feel overwhelming at times, but there’s also enormity of love in the atmosphere too.

This weekend has been both heart-wrenching and healing, while witnessing sadness and spiritual awareness, heart felt bereavement and heart felt connections.

The energetic ebbs and flows of both grief and love are combined together here to bring the spirit of children home to their parents – their personal HOME which is found in their parent’s heart.

You can feel the children of all ages and their energy.  They want this so much for their parents.

So, my dear friends, when you read this message I ask you to stop for a minute. Close your eyes.

Think of the children in spirit and their parents who long for them, and send them white light energy filled with love and support.

This is what being a part of a tribe is all about.  Loving and supporting one another.

Sending each of you in this tribe white light, love and blessings from me to you at this very moment.

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