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Ever ask yourself that question? I recently had to make a difficult decision that affected someone else.  This question is the ONE question that always stops me in my tracks and brings me clarity.

The way that I see it is… spirit helps those who help themselves.

Quite frankly, oftentimes, many of us seek to help others or make things right for others while sacrificing ourselves.

When I ask ‘Nicole, what is in your highest good?‘, this really brings me back to center and when I am back to center, spirit guides me.

Try it on for size.

The next time that you have a decision to make, even if it’s something like, ‘Should I call _________ even though every time I talk to her/him they bring me down?‘ or ‘Is _____, the right move for me?’

Any question that you may be asking, simply ask, ‘What is in my highest good?

You may be thinking, what does highest good even mean?  Well to me it means whatever keeps us on our path, rising up in vibration and lighting the way for growth…

Drop me a note, tell me your story, how did you ask this question about a specific situation and honor yourself?  I would love to hear from you.

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