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I’m a house flipper… 

Those words look strange when written together.   

My girls have lived in over 10 houses in 20ish years and we are moving on again, building another, as I type.  

I love taking something shabby and bringing it back to life, designing and building from the ground up or returning a 70’s ranch back to glam as an all white modern beauty.  

I love change… I actually crave it.  

Change to me feels like freedom, creativity and a knowingness all rolled into one.  Each house that I have owned has told a story. I equate the houses to the chapters of my personal memoir, the stories of my age at the time and where I was in both my professionally life & emotionally maturity.  

The house that nurtured me to bloom into mediumship was 3 houses ago.  

It’s the house that we call 10, after it’s address.  The numerology of the house was that of the 1: creativity and security… and that it was!  

This house just needed a little bit of love.  Not a problem: white walls, white brick floors, old school living areas with lots of big windows and rooms which had their own unique vignettes and style. 

10 allowed me to create, go deep within, stay in my night clothes all day, make my own baby food & formula (made from grass fed cows milk that I traveled from New Orleans to Houston to procure at 40 gallons a trip, I know… cray-cray!) and grow my own food via a huge organic garden that my husband and I crafted on our own.

This was the house that nurtured not only my last baby, it also nurtured ME as I found myself and my calling.

Next was Seven.  

7: the number of trust and openness.  This was a total renovation: down to the studs, raising the ceilings, ranch turned modern… a sliding glass doors kind of 70’s L-shaped ranch, orange shag carpet, original flowered wallpaper… my dream reno house!  

7 was a journey into the 70’s, my birth decade, I brought along lots of emotions into this house. It helped me to evolve into the “enough is enough within the depths of my soul” personal tent revival. I was inward too deeply, the soul searching had to end.  I found myself at 10 for goodness sakes. I was ready to pull my head out of the sand (or garden soil, as it were). I needed to trust my journey, be open to new possibilities.

This was the time when The Healing House and my Mediumship became more than just a hobby.  It became my passion and most importantly, my purpose. This house gave me the freedom to trust the process.  It was bright and light and easy. It allowed me to take the hours of my day and my energy… and step into my soul inspired calling wholeheartedly.   

I’m sure that you’re wondering, “Why is she writing about houses?”

I have come to realize that houses have become my personal metaphor, assisting me in and through my own metamorphosis as a spiritual being on a journey of human experience.  

These houses represented me, and in representing me, they represent continuous progression on my spiritual journey.  For me they represent change.

Change… exciting, liberating, creativity on overload, moving things in and moving things on… change is sweet.  I love change… on my own terms! Ha! Gotcha on that one, right

Change is inevitable.  You may not have moved a zillion times, or have had many changes in your life, yet, I bet if you wrote down each and every change that you have made, they would read as chapters to your own story.  

Did you even notice these chapters, these changes as they unfolded?  

Have you ever noticed the small or even great changes within yourself?  

What about the changes that you have perceived about the world as a whole?  

Change in the feelings that you felt at one time about someone or yourself that now cease to exist or are coming to the forefront?  

Can you see that change has brought you victories yet has also held you up in times of despair?  

You’re still here, right? You’re still standing.  

Yep, Change can be devastating.  Yes, Change can be beautiful.

Change can help us to grow.  

Change, especially when forced, can root us permanently in place. In that way, Change can suck!  

Yet, Change can also be liberating!  Change is just a 6 letter word you know…  

You will continue to unfold, if you are willing to Change, for as long as you live… and then when you are no longer on this Earth, Change will affect the people who are left here with your memory.  

Change… it’s inevitable.  

Make the best of it, one small step at a time.


ps. I thought that you would enjoy seeing the garden at 10.  The space that nourished and held me safe… The space aligned myself and my soul…

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