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In the Midst of Chaos

While in New Orleans for mardi gras, my krewe upstairs getting ready for the night, I sat holding our space, chairs all around me, dinner and king cake in a wagon at my side, laptop perched comfortably in my lap, snuggled up with hot coffee as I sat in a hotel nook on a bustling New Orleans street.

It was in this space I wrote with abandon.

In this space I wrote a prayer Deepen and Expand to Give and Receive

In the midst of chaos, people passing by, merriment all around me that I found peace within to contemplate my words and feel into my heart.

As I was searching for a photo to accompany my prayer I came upon one of two goats with startling blue eyes leaning into one another. I knew that was the one, the perfect choice…as I was looking for something to reflect my feelings, but a goat? They are precious but not an animal that I would normally resonate with… but those eyes, and the leaning in to one another, had me enamoured.

As my friend came down to join me and I excitedly told her of my accomplishments, she piqued my interest as she said that chaos must be my element for creativity.

Hmmm.. that got me thinking.

I came home a few days later and took my pup for a walk. Not being picky about what I listened to on my headphones I randomly chose an Abraham Hicks youtube video as it was first on the iphone screen. The photos accompanying the video were of different flowers going in and out as Abraham spoke. I honestly could care less what was on the video, I simply wanted to walk in awareness of the beauty around me and Abraham’s teachings in my ears. I was startled a few minutes into the video as my phone let out a “ding” that I had not heard before. Looking down upon the screen… I could not believe my eyes! I was started! Hands to my knees and the wind knocked out of me for a second. As lo and behold there was a photo of the two goats, my two goats! staring right back at me.

I composed myself, found a bench in the woods, that I honestly had never noticed before and sat. Sat in the mystery of synchronicity. Sat in the splendor of the Universal energy that we live in each and every single millisecond of our existence.

The Universe mirrors our thoughts. The Universe was telling me that what I want is there for me. The Universe is showing me that when I put my thoughts into action, they come back to me a thousand fold. The Universe is showing me that there is no such thing as fear, it’s all made up in my mind.

The Universe does indeed have my back.

Unbeknownst to me at that moment in time, the title of the video is…

Stand back and trust that whatever you will need will come into place.

So I’m trusting and in doing so I sat down immediately to write to you, my friends. While I am still in the midst of awe and inspiration I want you too to feel inspired by this synchronicity. I want you too to feel this power so great that it literally knocked me down holding myself up with hands to knees.

Manifesting is real.

What you want you can create

What you don’t want, you can create as well.

Be specific with your desires!

Think positive in all things regardless of how awful life may have been.

You can change your reality at any time you wish.

This, my friend, is my hope for you, my wish for you…

That you too will see the synchronicities in your life and that it will awaken in you a joy of knowing that you are never alone. That the Universe/God/Great Spirit, whatever you want to call it because it’s only a name, is always with you and wants only the best for you.

This great energy matches your own.

The Universe is simply and truly a mirror. You can create your own reality.

Don’t forget that.


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