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To my clients all over the world and to those who live near me in New Orleans…

Happy Mardi Gras!

Parading in New Orleans can be a bit stressful to the average bear, however, because I have NEVER missed a season, the rules of the locals have been impressed upon me.

The most important rule…


Establishing your boundaries is a big theme when you are parading in New Orleans. You wouldn’t believe the boundaries that have been set up as families stake their spot along the parade routes. Yellow caution tape, baby wagons, tents and chairs, no kidding!

So that got me thinking about my own personal boundaries in everyday life.

There was a time when I thought that establishing my personal boundaries meant building a brick wall around myself. I gradually let the brick wall tumble down and instead… hopped into a bubble.

I just wanted to keep the naysayers away… you get it, right?

I realized over the years… it just didn’t work for me. I became too guarded and closed off.

While I do continue to set boundaries, I’m more aware of just what those boundaries really are….

Energetic boundaries.

Energetic boundaries are just that. Energy. I don’t make a decision on how and when I’m going to become Wonder Woman and set up a boundary around me, instead, I allow my intuition to take the lead. If I begin to feel that a situation is approaching, I weigh my options. Do I want to take this on or do I not?

I’ve grown so used to thinking this way that I now simply allow my awareness to take over.

It’s no longer a way of “thinking”, it’s a way of “feeling.”

If this is a new thought for you, give it a try.

If you’ve set up boundaries in the past consider softening those energetic boundaries, using your intuition, letting yourself break free of the restrictions, expanding yourself a bit, trusting your own unique sense of self.

Much love,

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