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Like Sunbeams on Your Face Today of all days, can be joy”filled” or joy”less” as America celebrates Mother’s Day. You may be missing your mother, your sister, your beautiful baby or your grown child, a beloved partner, a grandma, a mother figure or any other woman who has brought joy into your life. You may have never been a mother, by choice or circumstance. But you are a woman… a role model… a giver… a nurturer. Today, let’s honor all women! … and if you are a guy who’s reading this… my friend, I ask you to do the same… Just as you yourself may be grieving the loss of the most important woman in your life. Some of you hold on tight to this day as the feeling of loss can overwhelm you. Trust me, I understand this feeling. I connect with many children who have transitioned. They speak to me with amazing evidence of their time here, which is such a gift to a grieving mom. I also speak with mom’s who are missing their children and give them evidence of her knowing exactly what’s going on in the now with them and their lives. Through these encounters with spirit, I find that the most profound gift is when the sitter, glassy eyed and relaxed, suddenly gets their own “ah ha” moment of a simple, but subtle, innate feeling of… “You know what, they really are ok!” Momma’s, women, men, readers… They really are ok! I ask you on this mother’s day, while you are feeling sad or lonely, or maybe even happy and joyful, to take a few minutes, enjoy the day in some special personal way. Walk in the sun or the moon and allow it’s beams to shine down on you, and as you feel these beams of light from the sky, imagine that they are in fact reflecting your child, mom, sister, spouse, partner… all their love for you. Maybe it’s raining where you are, like it is here in New Orleans, where I am. If so, don’t allow that to stop you! Find some time to sit in silence with no distractions. Play a favorite song, listen to Monks chant, Deva Premal or Ashana (my three favorite, sitting alone artists) and connect in. Coming from someone who can find joy in this day as I celebrate the women in my life and my children celebrate me as their mom, I am sending each of you a piece of the joy that I am filled with on this day. I share this joy with you as a gift to you. I honor you in your time of sorrow, as I simply honor you, for being the woman that you are. Happy Mother’s/Woman’s day! XO Nicole PS. The photo above was taken when I was hiking through some caves and came into the light. I remember pausing and looking up and feeling the sunshine on my face and immediately feeling a connection with source. I share this with you as inspiration on your own journey.
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