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This week I began Living in the Power: A Meditation Series in which the primary focus is YOU.  It’s designed to assist you in releasing what’s holding you back and embracing the power within.  It’s a series devoted to helping you to find yourself while at the same time assist in drawing you forward into the direction of clarity in your life.

I felt called to do this series as many clients began discussing with me their need to find silence, their need to find solace and their need to find themselves.  What better way to do this than in meditation?

So I put together this series of meditations.  Beginning with grounding yourself in week one, self compassion in week 2, remembering who you are in week 3, culminating into powerful week 4, elevating your consciousness (just like I do when connecting to spirit).

We completed week one on Wednesday and the feedback received was both powerful and profound.. Some received messages of what’s to come, one received a message to a question about her profession that she has been longing for an answer. Other’s received healing, while many felt the relaxing presence of the Universe.  A few followers missed the first class, however, I was told that while listening to the replay, it was as though they were right there with us.

So, know this.  During each meditation in this series, I hold the space for you. The space for you to connect to your higher self and the Universal energies that surround you.  I take this calling very seriously as I personally had my entire life change when I began to meditate. I shared in the first class how because of consistent meditation, my calling came back to me full force in the shape of evidential mediumship.  My connection now to spirit never fails me.

Meditation has allowed me to have the confidence to be who I am, an Evidential Medium always under scrutiny.

It allows me to feel and see the infinite possibilities that I have in this lifetime.

Meditation allows me to connect with my innermost self to bring forward my craving for creativity and shape it into my reality.

I can also manifest like no other, because I feel so aligned with what’s right in my life, seriously!

All of this is because of meditation and my belief in the Universal powers that are available to each and every one of us.

It’s not too late to join me on this journey of self discovery.

If you decide to join us for the series, you will get access to the replay of the last sessions, as well as links to download all at the end of the series.

Click here to join us.

I’m here for you~

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