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Loneliness can be a quick doorway into having a relationship with yourself.

I can feel alone in a crowded room. Alone at a happening party. Is this a choice, or is it who I am?

Being a 7 life path (trust and openness as my struggle) in numerology, I often welcome solitude… but loneliness…I struggle.

Is this the intent of the feeling of loneliness?

It’s in the loneliness that I realize that I am lonely. It’s in the loneliness that I realize that no matter what life has thrown at me, I am still right here, in this body, in this lifetime, in this world.

It’s in the loneliness that I turn to the spirit world, my guides and ancestors, as I sit in contemplation & meditation.

It’s in this loneliness that I have found myself.

The inner dialogue and inner contemplation, making the right choices for me of my belief system, where I stand with social justice, it is here, in the loneliness, that I have pondered these thoughts.

It’s through the loneliness that I have found inner peace.

It is in the loneliness that I have been grateful.

It is in the loneliness that I know that love never dies and neither does our soul.

Spirit often asks me to transmit, through my own voice box, these words to their loved ones… “You are not alone! I am still right here, please believe this.”
It’s through my undeniable believe that there is an ever life that I know beyond a shadow of any doubt that I am not alone.

Loneliness… is a state of being, not a way of life. It’s a choice that we make. Not a permanence that we cannot escape from.

Yes, we all have struggles that have ‘caused’ our loneliness. Trust me, I speak to lonely people every day.

Not to mention the distractions that we have in our faces hour after hour… loneliness, it’s palpable.

Today, I ask you to sit. I ask you to be still. I ask you to contemplate these words, my lonely friends because I know that you are lonely in some way this holiday season. I have heard you speak, felt your woes, know your heart.

So I ask, is loneliness just a word used to ask yourself some really deep questions?

Maybe questions like: Who am I? What do I believe? Who do I trust? Where do I fit in? How do I feel? How do I get to know more of myself on an intimate level?

NO matter how far apart we are, in my loneliness I never forget the Spirit souls that I serve nor their human loved ones. I think of this group of like minded souls every single day and send out love to each and every one of you reading.

Blessings to each of you,

Much Love

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