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Mediumship Session


As an Evidential Psychic Medium I offer you a safe space to spend time with your loved ones in spirit.

My work is very sacred to me. I go into every reading as a conduit, listening intently to spirit while having the highest expectations for the best possible connection, outcome and message for you. I am honored to do this work.

I first connect with spirit and offer evidence passed to me through your loved ones to ensure the connection is genuine. Once this is established we move onto the messages that your loved ones have for you to enable you to resolve unfinished business, to release any burdens and help you find peace in the passing of your beloved.

This session will settle your soul, unify you with those that have passed and allow you to receive gifts from spirit.

Session are available as either one-on-one OR a group session for 3-5 people attending for individual readings. These are conducted ‘In Person’ at my office in Covington (LA), or ‘Online’ via video-conference.