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Ever feel like you’re all alone in a room full of people?

Most people would never believe that I am truly an introvert.

I used to think that something was wrong with me… I mean why can’t I be the social butterfly, fluttering around the room making small talk?

That never was ME. No matter how much I wished I could have been that butterfly, I was more the Moth on the wall.

I realized, as I matured, that I tend to have difficulty with small talk.  I’m not a small talk kind of girl. I love deep, intellectual conversations about thoughts, ideas, religion, philosophy and other’s opinions.

I am more of a listener than a speaker (unless you put a microphone in my hand and ask for my advice), so on that note, I would love to hear about some topics that you would like me to write about in my Sunday musings.

I love receiving your responses to my musings and do my best to write back personally. I truly love connecting with you and am here to serve. Send me a message if you have any suggestions on topics that would interest you.

Nicole x

ps. I’m looking forward to the Helping Parent’s Heal conference this week in Phoenix.  If you will be there with me, please, please, find me and introduce yourself. I love hugs!

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