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I’m sharing a dream of mine with you.

It’s a dream that blossomed on a cold December day in 2017 when I was the conduit between a grieving Momma and her son who transitioned in a car accident.

He is the only Spirit to date that did not leave me after my session. He took a journey with me that day, over a foggy bridge, connecting in with me through numbers and signs and it wasn’t until the reality of the situation hit me that I realized, he had a message for ME, not just his mom.

Every time I think of him, he asks, “Where’s the book you promised?” He lives on with me as insurmountable truth and proof in our own connections with the Spirit world. I will share his story in my dream project, a book that I am writing about my connections with the Spirit world and what they have taught me about living.

I share this with you today as I just made arrangements to steal away from life and hunker down at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico, to write from the heart, with no distractions, no internet connection, just me and my Spirit friends.

If you would like to share your story with me of a connection that I made for you and any impact that it had on your life in any way, please consider writing in. I don’t remember every story and oftentimes the impact of a mediumship reading sets in months after a session.

I look forward to reading your words.

With profound respect and admiration to each of you who are grieving and forging your own path through grief, I endeavor to write this book in your honor.

Much Love,

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