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My Journey

When I was young, I wanted to be an archeologist. I loved the idea of unearthing long lost artefacts while uncovering the stories and truth of what and who existed before my time here on Earth.

As I began to mature and find my way in life, the sense of discovering my own truth to my story has been my constant companion. I was given up at birth and adopted into a loving family, but for a long time I felt like I was never good enough.

I went through so many stories of my own – relationship high’s and low’s, failed friendships, a solid nursing career given up in my quest to find my inner self, becoming a mother to three daughter’s at the age of 19, 29 and a surprise pregnancy at the age of 38 – that I realized that my whole life consisted of stories that enabled me to ultimately become closer and closer to the authentic self that I was searching for.

This life that I have been given has simply been a quest, an archeological dig and unearthing of my deep rooted personal truths and beliefs, all in order to find ME!

Through this dig, I began to unearth the fragments of the human lost, piecing together and dusting off the woman inside of me. Building her up piece by piece, giving her a heart big enough to spread the love and a mind that can perceive unexplainable thoughts. Bringing her back to life, understanding the WHY of it all while always learning the lesson in the struggle which was to survive my own self depreciating mind.

The journey I took allowed me to release the stories that held me captive from living life to the full but now I am an adventurer and knowledge seeker who loves to dive into the mystical ways the Universe plays this game of life.

The first encounter

My journey into the work I do today started when, out of curiosity, I had a past life regression.

During the session I was transported to my garden – a place that has always held a spiritual connection for me – and there I met a spirit guide. An African woman who wore an orange head scarf.

She guided me to another lifetime where in essence I saw my grandmother, my mother and myself all as ‘seers’. I found this lifetime to have so much truth and meaning for me that tears flowed and the words “I miss my home” poured through me with such grief, sorrow and loss.

I continued with this feeling for days afterwards and that’s when I had my first encounter.

I was sitting at home in my kitchen, feeling lost and misplaced when suddenly out of nowhere I saw a man walk across the room. I knew he was of the spirit world and even though I freaked out and was in tears from the overwhelming energy that I felt, he managed to explain to me that he was a physician who had raised his children in my home. He said he loved that I had purchased and renovated his home but also that he just wanted to see if he was able to connect with me.

Honestly, I thought I was crazy but three days later while picking my daughter up from school, her teacher said something to me that to this day still raises the hairs on my arms.

‘I just realized where you live. I grew up in your neighborhood just around the corner and played with the kids that lived in your house…their dad was a physician’

I started to cry right in front of her as I told her about the encounter I’d had and she is now one of my most loyal clients.

Over the next few days I continued to experience the overwhelming energy I felt in my kitchen and I realised it was familiar. I remembered the conversations I had with myself when I was a child and young adult, and yet I realised now they were not with myself at all. It was my connection with spirit all along.

A week later, the catalyst for me finally stepping into my life’s work was when I attended a group reading with a friend who was a medium. She looked at me at one point and said ‘you know Nicole, you can do this too’, and without a moment’s hesitation I said ‘I know’.

That is how I find myself here today. After many years of study and self exploration I have now fully stepped into MY potential and MY true path, to help you in your journey too.

I would love to say, ‘the rest is history’ yet I must instead say, ‘the rest is continually unfolding’ as the passion for my work and my calling continues to grow with each new encounter and each new lesson learned.

How can I help you?

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