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Nothing remains the same, I have accepted that life evolves through cycles of birth… death… and rebirth. This past year I have committed myself to weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, musings. Pouring my heart and soul into a piece of work in the hopes that it would compel you to dig deeper into your soul, find that place of longing and fill the void, telling stories of love… which never dies. I’ve also planned a wedding and began writing a book. The wedding was joyous and unforgettable, full of love and laughter, memories made and now has come to fruition this past weekend as one of the most amazing events of my life. As a mother witnessing and participating intimately in the initiation of adulthood through marriage, I’ve realized that this is a cycle of life in which I had no expectations, yet feel as though I am floating in the clouds as my oldest evolves and grows in love for another human being. The book is my baby and it’s written for, about and because of you and the loss of your very own baby if you happen to be a client of mine who has lost a child. I want this book to be a gift to those who are suffering, those who are growing, those who have found themselves through grief. This book is going to be for you! In order to do this, to make this dream a reality, my musings will be shorter in length, written to make you think, ponder, contemplate… I hope that they do just that. I feel called to let go of the old to make way for the new, allowing this to happen for the highest good. What are you being called to let go of? To make way for the new? Consider allowing this to happen for your highest good. Just do it. Do it for the good. Do it for your soul, your evolution, your growth. Let it go to make way for the new. XO Nicole
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