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 Now they see me, now they don’t…

Heart filled, longing to connect, your first interaction is now one that you will never, ever forget.  

Filling in the space of a quick moment in time, with overwhelming love and connection, filling the void of a broken heart, in which no song could ever do justice.  

The feeling of loving so hard that your heart could again break in two at the feel of their absence.  

Physically no longer here, yet residing in your heart.  

More deeply though, residing in your soul.   

This longing is real, not made up, not negative or emotionally sabotaging.  This longing is yours and it’s true to you.

My friend, this is the life that you must live.  The life, this life, in which you must learn and grow from tragedy and heartbreak.  

Stagnant energy leads to pain, suffering, disease, you don’t want that!

If only they could return to your loving embrace your world would be right again, not feel so full of longing.  I get it.

You, however, were created to withstand the pain, the heartache and ultimately the growth to be had by devastating loss.

You were created whole.  You are so worthy of love.

That time when you felt them, now you don’t. This is your growing phase. The phase in which you cannot lean on them for comfort. They have not left you.. not even for a minute!  Do you hear me say that? Not. Even. For. A. Minute.

How do I know this?  

Spirit has told me so and proven to me that I can connect in with them at all times, if I adjust my energy level. So if I can connect in with YOUR loved one, so can you.  

Does this mean that you are a Medium?

No it doesn’t. Medium’s are not made, they are born with this ability. You can connect in with your loved one, because you know them and they know you.

So while you may be struggling to connect and find it’s just not happening. Stop and take a break. Relax. They aren’t going away. 

Consider that it’s you who can’t connect, not them.  

A little golden nugget on connecting…

Adjust your energy level. If meditation works, great, keep doing it.  

For me, I cannot meditate before a session.

I move. I dance. I sing really loud to a fun song. I jump up and down.

I do anything to raise my vibration… then I sit in the silence. 

Try it, let me know how it works.


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