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Ocean. Sand. Umbrella. Staples. What do they have in common? Last week I was on the beach, soaking up the sun, feet buried in the sand, relaxing with my family and friends. A storm came up out of nowhere behind us, dark ominous clouds were rolling in really fast. We were having so much fun. We didn’t want to leave and neither did anyone else. Have you ever given much thought to the power & ability that you have to choose your feelings at any given moment in time? Two weeks ago I told you of the 3 most important questions that I ask myself when I check in. The second of those questions are centered around how I want to feel… “What are my desired feelings? How do I want to feel on a daily basis? How do I want to feel at this moment in time?” Simple questions that we rarely ask ourselves. Heck, I had to write them down so that I can do a check in with myself! Which that in itself makes me feel like I oftentimes put myself last on the list. Here are some thoughts for you to consider. In times of grief, our core feelings can be loneliness, joyless, sorrow. Could you switch your frame of thought from the word Grief to Transformed, instead? If so, feel into that word. What does Transformation (or your word of choice) feel like? Maybe it feels like, Resiliency, maybe it feels like grief has allowed you to become more Spiritual. Find your word to transform your thoughts on the word Grief and just let it flow. Let’s take the feeling of Overwhelm, which is a word that we all use instead of speaking our true feelings. Overwhelm can also mean feelings of simply not knowing how you feel, or it can mean, financially drained, or it can mean simply that you are tired, exhausted, joyless, have no passion for your work. So what’s another more powerful word that you can use instead of Overwhelm to change your thought pattern? How’s about Confident, Trail-blazing, Secure, Empowered. You get my drift?! So consider becoming really clear on how you are feeling and how you want to feel. Remember, you have the power to change your feelings in an instant, especially if you have taken the time to really feel into how you want to feel. Come up with 5-7 words that express how you truly want to feel every single day. Write them down on sticky notes and place them everywhere as a reminder of the journey that you are on and how you want to feel while riding this wave. Speaking of wave… the beach umbrella… remember that? Ocean, sand, beach umbrella, staples… what do they have in common. I experienced them all, while in my state of bliss on the beach. Back to the storm blowing in… no one wanted to leave… we were all set, loaded down with beach gear heading back for the day when suddenly I hear, “WATCH OUT!” and I knew that everyone was referring to me. It happened so quickly, I had no time to think. A beach umbrella flew from about 50 feet, just like a missile, straight at me. The end of the umbrella was holding huge metal corkscrew sort of thing that you screw into the sand to secure your umbrella so it doesn’t fly away… how ironic, because this contraption hit me square in the side of my head at probably 20 miles per hour. Thank goodness that I had the instincts to turn my back instead of turning my face toward what everyone was yelling at. Did I mention that it all happened SO fast! As I stood there dazed, standing with my hands on my knees, I was beginning to black out. I was chastising myself… Nicole, if you drop to the ground now, they are going to call 911, it’s going to cause a scene, you can handle this, you need to maintain control! Then… “How do you want to feel in this moment?!!” No kidding! That was my thought and my rapid response was… IN CONTROL! My nursing background took over… I leaned forward, unzipped my ice chest and pulled out a pack of ice, wrapped it in a beach towel that was hanging on my shoulder, already showing signs of my injury and I proceeded to walk back to our condo, calm as a cucumber. Everyone was staring at me. But my husband and kids, let me go.. They know me. When I’m in control, I’m in control. Thinking of it now, I laugh at the scene. I get to the elevator and there’s close to 70 people waiting to get on… I’m on the 21st floor. By this time I had left everyone behind and my youngest daughter is trailing me. I walk up the stairs to the second floor and I see a security guard. When he sees me he drops his phone on his desk. I must have looked a mess. I was swaying a bit, had blood all over and said to him, “I have no doubt that you can get me to the 21st floor quickly!” And quickly he did in a service elevator. Staples to the head… yep that happened. So, why do I tell you this story? For one, it happened last week so that’s why you didn’t receive a musing, but truly it’s to be an example of the power of our thoughts. Remember, you have the power & the ability to choose your own feelings at any given moment in time? Sure, when we are in a moment of panic or stress, pain or guilt, sorrow or grief we resort back to what we know to be true, but I doesn’t have to be this way. IN CONTROL! That saved me. You, your inner, deepest, most divine self have the power to control your thoughts at any given moment in time and your brain, your body WILL RESPOND! Your brain has no power or control unless you feed it. The question of the day is… What will you feed it? XOXO Nicole PS. The staples will be removed on Monday, still harboring a slight concussion, but you know what, it’s all good. I see getting hit in the head as a sign that I needed… Seriously 🙂

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