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It’s the underlying reason that my client’s seek me out.

I’ve been thinking alot about this theme lately. In my readings, in my personal life with friends, it seems that everyone is universally feeling overwhelmed. During a session I truly have said to a few clients, “Your life feels really great!” and they reply, “I know, and that makes me feel overwhelmed, how do I handle this?” Whoa! That’s a legitimate question, isn’t it?

I don’t have to give you reasons to feel overwhelmed, just pick a moment in your day.

Overwhelm… It’s a common theme.

Some feel overpowered with Grief. Some feel grounded in Lack (lack of finances, love, feelings) Some are seeking in their Spiritual life. Many are held captive by a life that they no longer feel a part of.

We are eternal seekers, hoping, begging the Universe to give us direction, answers to our problems, our thoughts.. SOMETHING!

*I have an idea! …and I would love for you to come along.

When I feel overwhelmed I dig deep. Deva Premal in my earbuds, I go, go, go to a place in the Ether’s, my own sacred space. I shift to center. I seek my answers there. I find my most deepest inner self, my soul, and.. it’s always awaiting me. Meaningful, conscious dialogue, with my soul self, my inner compass, my most passionate place where I love myself without judgement. Going to the depth of understanding and feeling the feels, of my most precious self.

If this resonates with you, consider joining me as I share this experience both in person and online. Find out more by clicking the button below.

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