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Pain is a bitch….. as it’s supposed to be.  It pushes you out of your comfort zone as soon as you feel into it.  

Pain comes in many forms; physical pain, emotional pain, financial pain… to name a few.

Pain can push you to the edge. That’s the whole point… it’s doing its job! It is pain, after all.  

Oftentimes, pain causes us to focus on what’s not working. It solidifies the thought that we aren’t strong enough, by forcing us to feel weak, vulnerable and afraid.  

Pain is the lesson.  

It’s the journey to remove or lessen the pain… that’s the gift.

“The wound is the place where light enters you.” Rumi

How do we remove or lessen the pain?  We let go!

If you continue to hold on to the pain, you are diminishing the light and not allowing God source to enter.  

Trust me, I realize how foolish and silly this sounds… let go!  


Yep, really.  

Take your hands off the wheel brothas and sistas (sang to you in New Orleanian slang) and allow the God source in!  

Here’s the secret… forget what You Think You Need.  Because, quite frankly, you have no idea what you need. Don’t argue with me, sit on that…

See?  You don’t know do you?  

Place yourself in receptive mode, not needy mode.  Prayers are not asking for something to happen, prayers, in my humble opinion, are  letting God/ the Universe know that you are ready for the highest good of all to enter into your life, whatever that may be.

Then, you’ve got to step back and you’ve got to trust.

I know, that’s hard.

I totally understand how it feels to be the doer and sitting back feels counterproductive.  Give it a try for one week. That’s not so bad.

While you are sitting back, keep your eyes, heart and mind open because the signs that you are on the right path are all around you if you stop trying and start being.  

We pray and pray and pray.  Do we ever stop to listen? To look around?  To notice the signs, hear the songs, or listen to the voice in our hearts that is not our own?  

It’s your JOB to listen, my friend.

So if I were you and reading this message, I would ask, “So Nicole, how do I listen?”

Here’s what I would suggest.

Say this little prayer, thought, whatever you want to call it to God, the Universe (again) whatever you choose to call Source (because it really doesn’t matter, it’s just words).  

The point is to use these words as a message sent directly from your heart to Source.  If that means sitting in meditation, then go for it. If it’s in your car while sitting in traffic, great!  As long as you are practicing prayerful intent.

Here it goes:

(insert your word for creator),

Where would you have me go?  

What would you have me do?

What could you have me say? And to whom?

Side note:  Speaking this out loud is so crazy powerful but remember to pause and LISTEN. Remember that’s your JOB!

True Power lies in your connection to the Universe.  The pain will subside when you surrender yourself to the highest good.

Promise yourself that you will give it a try.

I’m here for you.  Share with me your thoughts, I would love to read them.

Nicole x

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