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Today is my 50th birthday!

There are several reflections that will take place on this special day, letting go of the past that no longer serves me, mistakes made, friends lost, loved ones who have transitioned, letting go of the pain in my body, the aches in my heart while bringing in the love of my friends and family, fondly remembering the milestones in my life, a childhood living in joy and feeling loved, memories made that have kept me hopeful that as memories continue to be made.

I have the power to choose my life, my dreams, my desires, my values.

My life is lived by the choices that I choose to make everyday. No one can take that away from me or you.

So, on this day, I’d like to take the focus away from me and instead ask you to consider love for another on this day. Especially someone who doesn’t have much of that in their life.

I have chosen to celebrate by giving to dogs who are less fortunate and by doing so I also celebrate the accomplishments of my friend Jenn.

She chose love as her life’s purpose. Love for old dogs, sick dogs, abused dogs, abandoned dogs, unwanted dogs. My friend Jenn chose to begin her life anew and by doing she began a huge effort to save as many dogs as she could by creating a space where they could come together to rest, live, play and make friends.

A HOME where they were fed and nurtured, as classical music plays throughout the day, with their only choice being where they’d like to sleep for the night (a couch or a bed). Just a place where dogs could BE and KNOW without a doubt that they are loved for who they are.

The farm is called Ever After Farm in Spring Hill, Kansas.

I visited recently and Jenn told me that the medical bills alone were often $10k and greater each month.

Honestly, I’ve never really been a dog person, until my little Bodhi Rhett came into my life at a time when we needed him the most.

Months before our William chose to leave us, he joined us on our family vacation which included a 9 hour road trip to pick up our pup in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was the last time that we spent with William as a family.

When William left us, Bodhi quickly became our family support dog. He took on our sorrow and pain and asked for nothing in return, except for two walks a day which we gladly gave him.

I honestly had never realized the impact that a dog could make on my life.

I have become a dog person in the last year… I’ve also become a Jenn person. Someone who saw a need which aligned with her heart and chose to live out her purpose and passion while serving others… boom!

You just can’t get any more amazing than that.

While I was at the farm visiting Jenn, a dog from New Orleans had just shown up, traveling miles and miles from driver to driver to get to Jenn. (The Universe works this way, doesn’t it!)

This pup was blind, abused and neglected. My heart turned to mush… and because of Jenn and little Nero, I show up today to ask for your support.

I’m raising $2000 for Furever Midwest Animal Sanctuary. I know that $2000 is a big deal, a big goal…I’ve raised $900 so far in two weeks… I also KNOW that together we can do this and more…but I need your help! They need your help! 🐶

It’s ok if you cannot donate monetarily, if that’s the case, please consider adding them as your Amazon Smile charity of choice.

Take a look here at who you’ll be helping and loving.

Loving you!

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