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I was honored to be the conduit in a reading for a mom whose child ended their own life.

I’m going to let the enormity of that statement sit right here for a moment….

Communicating with spirit has a way of making a profound impact on me. One that I never realize, honestly, until days later, when sitting alone in a quiet space and the words of that child, mom, dad, sister, brother, friend in spirit comes back to me like a boomerang.

At the end of the session her Momma asked, “So, what’s she doing up there?”

Her daughter’s quick lightening response… “I’m wearing a pretty dress and combat boots, in a field of wildflowers, playing with puppies and it’s so beautiful here!”

To many this may sound like make believe…no way…so silly..

Until her Momma begins to sob saying, “We just bought her a pretty dress to wear to a family function in July and like her personality, she was going to wear her combat boots with that dress. She owned the world when she wore those boots, and she was stunning in that dress. I will always regret that she didn’t get to wear the outfit here, but I can see her wearing it in my mind. She walked through a field everyday on her way to school. I planted wildflowers after she was gone and guess what… we just got a puppy two weeks ago.”

I was speechless… literally.

NEVER, EVER underestimate the POWER of the SPIRIT WORLD! They know you, they see you, they hear you.

They also carry their life, their dreams on with them, just as they carry your heart, in the palm of their hand.

And so it is.


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