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The Quantum Leap Session

Release your resistance, find clarity and be guided to your path of potential.

As an modern day mystic and mentor I use a psychic’s approach when working with you in my Quantum Leap Session.

I believe that we are all here on a spiritual path, whether it be conscious or unconscious, and there are times in our lives when we question everything; every action, every thought, every move forward, whether it be in our personal lives or in our business.

This is because we do not truly know ourselves, what we believe in or even what we want in life. So, we struggle with the sense of who we are meant to be.

This self doubt and inability to connect with our God given intuition can hold us back in all aspects of our lives.

In the Quantum Leap session, I will connect with you energetically, soul to soul, with my psychic and mediumistic mojo, so that you can experience and work through your blocks with me by your side.

To say this session is transformational is an understatement.

I connect with you at a soul level because I see beneath the surface.  I see you at your core – all that you have done and all that you are capable of.

Past events subconsciously may be holding you back, keeping you tied to a sense of guilt or belief that you are not enough.

Our session can heal those blocks by allowing me to unearth them without you feeling the need to unburden your soul. This insight is given to me through my connection with your truth and we can then lift the weight from your shoulders so we can see your path ahead.

Our connection then goes even deeper and I see the possibilities and new ideas that have been hidden from your view.

Instead of ‘being in your head’, questioning your every move and doubting your abilities, I see through all that noise to uncover a flow of abundant ideas of what ‘could be’ for you so you can be who you are meant to be.

Let me guide you to a new path, with new possibilities, that will give you clarity to move confidently forward in your life by standing in your power and achieving all that you never thought possible.

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I wanted to write you a quick email and let you know how much I enjoyed our session last week.

I’ve been feeling “stuck” in my business for a while and I’ve been trying to release doubts and fears associated with being successful, but really, what ended up happening was me believing I had to be fearless and 100% full of confidence. This felt like a huge mountain to me, that I’d never be able to climb. I didn’t have the realization that I could indeed still work my business while feeling somewhat fearful of what can and will unfold.

Tonight is my first live workshop where I plan to sell a few coaching packages at the end. I am going into this event with more confidence than I’ve ever felt before; because I know it is okay for me to feel some fear as I leap out of my comfort zone and into the unknown. I know I will be okay!! I truly thank you for helping me come to this conclusion so I can begin climbing my own mountains!

Nichole Causey

Nicole has the uncanny ability to tell you exactly what you need to hear, even if you didn’t know you needed to hear it. As a coach and entrepreneur myself, it was refreshing and inspiring to work with a medium and coach who – without saying a word – could tell me things I simply needed to hear, without asking for it.

Her way of getting to the core of what was stopping me in the moment was enlightening, and it allowed me to move forward with a couple of simple actions. If you want to know what you actually need to hear to move forward in leaps and bounds, work with Nicole now!

Lisette Van Der Valk

Nicole is the real deal, and I was pleasantly surprised on how dead on she was with her reading. As a business woman who incorporates spirituality in my practice, I find it helpful consulting a medium/psychic from time to time.

Nicole’s gifts in seeing the unknown are such a great asset for any entrepreneur. So if you have any doubt in working with Nicole, hear me when I say this “Just Do It”, because you are in safe hands.

Ifeoma C

Holistic Registered Nurse & Mentor for Extraordinary Indigo Millennial Women

Your work is straight to the point and what is needed. It is completely individual. No cookie cutter at all! Also, it touches on different aspects that can be holding you back that you were not even aware of. It is the full picture.

I gained so much insight in just two sessions. TWO SESSIONS! Your work is nothing short of incredible and I recommend anyone that needs some guidance to work with you.

Cheri James

Women's Emotional Eating & Health Coach ,

Working with Nicole I felt very supported and understood! I’ve never worked with anyone like you before!

Everything, in terms of how you communicate, how you  listen and speak to your clients, and the results and transformations you initiate is all so unique. You are wonderful!

Deanne Vincent

Transformational Health Coach, The Earth Girl

You have an intuitive sense about the best next steps and greatest path for others. I’m looking forward to our next meeting!

Alice Landry

Personal Empowerment Coach ,

Nicole is able to connect to energies that remain unseen and unexperienced by many. Nicole is friendly, open, and approachable – three qualities that, to me, are critical in providing the service she does. Lovely!

Tina Meadows

Spiritual Guide & Healer, The Whisper Within