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I’m already reflecting on the first week of the new year. Have you? I can’t help it, as I’m always in my head….

So here’s my thoughts beginning this 4th week of 2018.

As the Universe continues to bestow upon us many worldly changes, we too are changing, each and every day. The momentum of the new year is continuing for me and I have decided that I still want more out of my life.

Like many of you, I often question what that more is…. Is it reaching more clients, is it writing a book, is it financial success, is it to start creating more art?

I have come to realize that YES, it’s all of those things, but most importantly, for me, it’s understanding more of WHO I AM.

It’s grasping how my human body operates, digging deep into the ‘why’s?’ when I feel tired, overjoyed, annoyed, on a high after a reading…

I am often times in wonder at how the universal energy works. I do know that I want more, this week, I’m going to take time to myself to sit in the power of meditation with that specific intention… Show me more of WHO I AM.

Will you join me?

I am always up for impromptu meditations, so if you wish to meditate with me this week, drop me a message and we will come together as a group on my Zoom chat room.

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