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Relationships: How do you show up?

Expectations, Joy, Companionship, Judgements, Stability, Balance, Sensitivity, Adventure, Wisdom, Trust, Abundance…

Relation“ship”s are built upon the highs and lows of emotions. Just like waves in the sea, moving up and down, slowly, softly, harshly, pounding.

Imagine a ship moving towards transformation (moving towards land as it becomes one with the ocean) just as we move towards our own transformation, one person in communion with another.

The ship cannot sail if it isn’t prepared and ready to embark on an adventure. A ship cannot sail if it isn’t capable of handling the ebbs and flows of the ocean. It can only sail when it is confident that it will not sink.

Relationships will only become fruitful when you love yourself first. There’s no way around it.

Others are not here to make you happy, to provide stability, to offer adventure… that’s expectations placed outside of yourself.

You’ve got to give in order to receive. It’s how energy works. It’s how human dynamics work best.

Happiness comes from within. Peace comes from within. Joy comes from within.

You bring to relationships what you have within.

So with that, you’ve got to realize that you cannot expect to receive what you don’t have yet to give.

While I can preach it, I’m still learning and struggling with this lesson as I show up here, in vulnerability, knowing that by doing so, I will free myself from the guilt that comes along with it.

Much love,

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