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This time in our lives. This moment… 

Some are calling it unparalleled. Some are calling it catastrophic.  

I’m choosing to call it… RESET.

In my almost 50 years of life there has never been a moment in time where I was forced to pause… with the rest of the world. 

Being forced to do anything is NEVER fun. Admit it. So it’s understandable that as your world has been put on hold, or quite frankly, on stop, the world as you once knew it… 

You are feeling the pain. You are feeling overwhelmed.

My friend, let it go.

This pain, this overwhelm is not yours to feel. Forget the pain. It will subside. The overwhelm you can manufacture when you need it. After all it’s a conscious decision to be overwhelmed. It’s all made up. 

Choose to feel the freedom instead. Just try it on for a few minutes. Breathe, look up at the sky. Marvel in its wonder. 

I know, I know, there are so many other things that you would prefer to be feeling into… like mortgage payments, credit card debt, car notes…. 

Is there anything that you can do about those feelings at the moment? If so, good for you, keep feeling into the pain and overwhelm.

If not…

LET. IT. GO.   

You cannot serve anyone including yourself if you are sitting in pain or overwhelm. 

Enjoy being alone, enjoy being with your kids, spouse, cat, dog, rabbit (yes I do know a few people with pet bunnies hopping around their house).  

Enjoy this time to RESET.

You + Now = Best opportunity to become a greater human


Nicole x

P.S. For the last two weeks I’ve held a daily, live meditation on my Facebook page and via Zoom.  It was only meant to be a 14 day series as we navigate these unusual circumstances, but I’ve decided to continue.

I’ve had feedback that these short meditations have really been helping people during this strange time, and I feel called to continue with the energy that we’ve created in our community.

Please feel free to join me everyday at 8PM (CST).



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