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She came to see me for guidance as she struggled with understanding how others have perceived her.

She’s sensitive, witty, intelligent and self sufficient.

She’s compassionate, enlightened and loves to share her thoughts.

She takes on other’s feelings, emotions and pain and turns inward when feeling those “feels”.

She sees very little value in what she brings into the world.

She has emotional trauma as a child that still shows up as a sucker punch to the chest.

She continues to give and give… and give, receiving nothing in return…
except loneliness, exhaustion and feeling unloved.

*Her biggest tragedy in this life is that she’s lost her own sense of self.

Moving beyond that even farther… She’s taken on the belief of what others have about her, and made these beliefs her own.

…. and none of it is true.

Each and every single day we wake up with a choice to create something different in our lives.

Is it easy? Of course it isn’t’!

What’s really easy anyway? Even being lazy takes effort.

So instead of looking inward, which can be really, really hard, we lean on others perceptions of who they believe us to be and take those perceptions as our truth.

Thus digging ourselves further and further down the rabbit whole of self despair.

When we have a strong sense of self, we can differentiate ourselves from other people.

So what to do about it…

I believe that life is not about finding yourself, but creating yourself.

Learn how to be alone with your own thoughts.

Define and write down your likes and dislikes in your life right now, including what you respect and honor about yourself.

Say no, even when it may hurt someone’s feelings.

Stop pretending to be busy in order to avoid sitting and doing the work.

Consider making a vision board of all of your wants and desires for the remainder of the year, placing it where you will see it and stare at it a few times a day to remind you to stay on track with the positive things, feelings, emotions that you want to experience in this lifetime.

You are the only one to define who you are, how you feel along with your own value and worth in the world.

Don’t allow others define you.

Don’t allow others’ perceptions of you to destroy you or dissuade you to be your true authentic self.

Do the world a favor…

By allowing your true, authentic, beautiful soul to surface.

With Love,

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