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Six Ways to Manifest your Desires

There’s been a lot of talk lately in Velvet Underground, my online facebook tribe, about the power of manifestation.

Let me reiterate… Manifestation is a super powerful tool, whether you know what you are doing or not.

The Key to manifestation is being crystal clear on what it is that you wish to manifest. We manifest daily, hour to hour what we have in our lives, good or bad, positive or negative.


We are energy + The Universe is energy = which means quite literally, like attracts like.

Here are 6 ways to manifest your desires.


1. Believe that you are a spiritual being having an infinite experience.

In order to instill that belief whole heartedly, You must create a new concept of who you are by recognizing that The Universe is energy… you are energy. Your words, feelings, actions are based on the energy that you are carrying, believing and holding on to. Therefore what you believe, you are.


2. Observe your thoughts.

Become consciously aware of your thoughts. Think before you act, think before you speak. What you speak into existence is your truth but is your truth, your truth or your ego. Think about that one. You create your reality, therefore you create what you speak into existence. An example; should you judge your body… it will react by believing it and therefore no matter what you do to ‘make it better’ you will NEVER receive the healthy body that you crave. Instead your body will create food intolerances, gut biome instabilities, stubborn fat that you cannot lose. You are what you eat, they say… I say that you are what you speak into existence.


3. Let your imagination flow.

Allow yourself to be taken to places you’ve never been,
experiences you’ve never had, adventures that you long to create in your life. By doing this you are truly creating the life that you want to live. Allow your mind to flow and take you to a life fulfilled, a life with money to exchange for experiences, a life with friends to love and love you in return. The key is to do this every single day, becoming more and more crystal clear on exactly what it is that you’d like to manifest in your life… then… repeat.


4. You must believe that you have the power to manifest your desires

If there’s one repeat sentence that I say over and over again, it’s this: You are the only one who can make your dreams a reality. Only you. No one else is dreaming the same dream. You may see what appears to be your dream written in another’s life, but know this.. It may look familiar but your feelings, your emotions in this dream of yours is what makes you different from everyone else and it’s also what breathes life into your desires and dreams.


5. See your desires as already manifested.

How do you do that? Simply… Live like your dreams have already been fulfilled, as though your desires have already manifested! Put a smile on your face, dress the part, become the actress. When you dress the part and play the role, the energy that’s put into that in itself draws your desires even closer to you. You want to be a healer, begin by feeling healed yourself. You want to open your own retail shop, speak aloud to others of your beginning entrepreneurship, even if it’s only a dream/desire, once you take a first step, you ARE a beginning entrepreneur. This is how you do it! You want ease and flow in your life… you get the idea… practice it, preach it and live ease and flow. “Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will get you everywhere”, says Mr. Einstein.


6. Be patient!

… and remember… Resistance is your friend. It shows you that you are still hanging on to an old belief system. Don’t pay it any attention, back up from resistance, see it for what it is… a story you’ve created, a meaningless word in your vocabulary. Let the goodness come and let it flow. Moving onward… and rising.

That’s the way I roll!

Drop me a note and let me know what you’ve manifested this week.

Cheers to your dreams,
Nicole Xx

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