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There have been many questions asked lately about Soul Planning.

While never having had a personal experience via mediumship or spirit guides assisting in my quest for knowledge on the subject of soul planning, I do have my own thoughts about this compelling subject.

My thoughts:

I believe that we are spiritual beings having human experiences and prior to us being born into this lifetime, our spirit self lived in the spirit world.

While there we were intertwined with our own soul family, friends, enlightened beings and spirit guides. Our spirit guides are specifically devoted to us and our spiritual journey and enlightenment. Our family is our family and our friends are our friends and each is chosen to play different roles throughout our different lifetimes.

It is during this time of contemplation as a soul, along with with group participation, that we make decisions pertaining to our next human lifetime based on on our previous incarnations and the lessons that we still endeavour to learn.

As a soul in the spirit world we are able to make well defined agreements on the life we are to have when incarnated into a human body. Who our parents are and how we would arrive on the planet are just the beginning of this agreement that we made.

As we begin our lives there are decisions made for us by the Earthly humans that we chose to guide us, and here is where our earliest life lessons begin. In the process we also agreed on the milestones that we would reach and even the insignificant choices that we would make. All of this before we even arrived into a human body.

As our paths then continue based on opportunities that arise, decisions to be made and lessons to learn, we begin to incorporate our ally: Free Will.

While soul work continues unconsciously we always have the choice of free will. Free will gives us the opportunity to change the game so to speak, to take the left at the fork in the road, to change our minds and our lives with the most mundane to the most significant of decisions.

Choices and decisions are gifted to us so that our soul is able to experience being human in order to learn, grow, progress and seek soul growth.

I believe that the ultimate purpose of living in a human body is to become an enlightened human while here on this Earth.

With all of this said, I do not feel that our life is predestined.

Soul Planning = laying the framework. Free Will = makes us Human.

XO Nicole

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