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As most of you know from my last post, I attended the Helping Parents Heal conference in Phoenix last weekend. The energy was palpable!

The children in Spirit were so excited to have their parents joined together in union. The Love and Hugs that I received from Mom’s and Dad’s living without their child was a Spiritual Experience for me, to say the least, and I am forever changed.

The unconditional love for one another… no words to describe this.

While at the conference I was able to do many 1:1 sessions.  I have to admit that I was very nervous heading to the conference.

I bring through many children, however, not so many in a matter of days.  I knew that I had to keep my emotions in check and my senses heightened but  my thoughts were running something like this:

– What if I cannot connect?
– What if I don’t hold up to my evidential reputation?
– What if I just can’t do it?
– What if I…. ?

Oh my, was that my ego taking over or what?!?

I put so much pressure on myself to be the best ME that I could be.

The sessions went very well I must say, because SPIRIT never fails, because  this is NOT about me!

As soon as I took myself out of the equation, SPIRIT took the wheel.

Many of my sessions at the conference were with children who have experienced death by suicide.  By the time my sessions were over for the week I was surprised by this revelation. But not only that, I realized that the most asked question from parents was, “Can you please tell me, is my child okay!”.

I was surprised by this question in particular because I had just given them evidence that rang true, with both feelings and emotions from their child for 30 minutes prior. I quickly recognized the fear and stigma that is associated with suicide.

Growing up Catholic I remembered somewhere along the way learning about what the Catholic faith thought of suicide.  I didn’t like it then as a child and I am astounded that the Catholic church still carries many of these beliefs.

I did a little research and found an article written by Catholic Priest, Father William Saunders.  He states that:

  1. Suicide is a mortal sin.
  2. To take our own life defies our natural instinct to live.
  3. Suicide violates a genuine love for oneself and one’s neighbor (family & friends).
  4. Suicide defies the love that we owe God.   Meaning that we are called to place ourselves in the hands of God, who will never abandon us but see us safely throughout this life.

Whoa! I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

Tribe!  I am here to say otherwise.

I may not have a religious background but I do have a spiritualistic one. I’m not hating on Catholics, I loved my Catholic upbringing – but I am not seeing the love.

I am seeing the judgement and I am pretty sure that a compassionate hearted Jesus didn’t feel this way.

The children, and adults for that matter, who have transtioned by suicide are in the same place as my Grandmother who transitioned because of old age.

How do I know this? Because they tell me so.  I am the one communicating with them so I know where they are and it’s not where many religious believe it is.

When Spirit comes through to me and they have transistioned by way of suicide or accidental overdose they always present with sorrow.

Many times with tears. Sorrow for the broken hearts left behind because of their actions.

Many say that they have felt like “lost souls” here on this Earth.

Many have also felt like “old souls” and couldn’t handle the isolation that they felt even in a crowd full of people in this narcissistic world that we live in.

Many also said that they knew that they were loved and cherished by those around them, but they didn’t particularly love themselves.

I know how horrible this sounds to a grieving parent and it’s hard to say aloud, but it’s their truth.

Many present with the feeling of “I didn’t realize how much I was loved!”

They show me their funerals or memorials and are astonished when discussing their celebration of life.

They often discuss the act of suicide most matter of factly. It’s as though, it was part of the plan so to speak. I know.

Many will say, “A part of the plan?  You seriously want me to believe that?”

Yes, I do. Or at least I would like for you to consider it.

While at the conference I was able to sit in on a conversation about Soul Planning with Sara Ruble.

I admire Sara and her words ring true for me. I have thought this way since I was a young adult but have never had the words to describe this knowingness.

Then I met Sara! I have not heard anyone speak so eloquently on this subject of soul planning the way that Sara does.

If you are interested in learning more, I ask you to please consider doing so here,, as Sara and her son Scott have a way with words and are able to articulate this thought much better than I.

Send me your thoughts. I would love to hear them.

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