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Your most valuable asset is what comes natural to you, she says. It isn’t necessarily a skill set that you’ve developed, it’s something very, very innate. She asks, Do you want to be bright? I sit on this and think, nope… bright is where I am.

As I am pondering this question it’s raining outside. At the minute mark, lightning strikes close by and as if on cue the electrical impulse of my response hits me in the heart. I want to be brighter than bright, I want to be Supernova.

It takes some guts to think highly of yourself.

Over the past few weeks I have been musing less frequently. I had nothing to give. I had nothing that I felt worth giving. I needed a few weeks to get myself in order, do my soul work, to gain clarity, find my truth.

Mediumship is my passion. It lights me up. I try to be a well rounded woman, but quite honestly, well rounded… ugh! That thought makes me feel fat, not intellectual. Well rounded is so overrated.

I prefer to be on the leading edge, the master of my craft. Supernova, if you will.

As many of you know from my writings, I have been on a spiritual path the majority of my life and for me, spirituality IS my life. My spirituality is my inner compass. It’s soul work. It’s my soul speaking directly to me as I listen for the inner instruction, the inner guidance, making discoveries in who I am now, the emotions that are speaking to me now, understanding what it is that I believe or quite frankly, don’t believe, deep within myself.

As a medium and a psychic, I am sensitive to things beyond the natural range of perception.

I have come to realize that crises of the soul are as real as psychological or physical suffering and with suffering comes an innate awareness of God and our own Spirituality. I have clients of late who are seeing me for the second and third time. Scheduling a follow up mediumship or several psychic sessions, when really these sessions should be called Spiritual Direction.

Come with me on this journey for a moment… With every breath you take, your body forms. Every single second, every single breath, every thought feeds into the whole of your being. Your body is an archive of your daily life. Second by second your body is regenerating. Inside of this humanness that you relate to, resides your Soul. Your soul is your inner compass, the keeper of truth. It is the home of your deepest knowing and highest wisdom. Your soul has no religion. Your soul is your basic nature.

No matter who you are, a mother, a father, a teacher, a lover, an entrepreneur, a friend, a human in mourning, an author, a spiritual healer, no matter; your soul is continually calling you deeper.

There are so many things that are beyond our control. We all become exactly what we believe.

What do you believe about yourself, your spirituality, your life that is all an illusion simply because you really either don’t know what you believe or you haven’t even taken the time to know yourself?

Spiritual Direction can be found in all traditions, it’s not religious based. My clients were seeking someone with whom they could speak the truth to. Someone that they could go to when they lost the capacity to even recognize their own truth, in and of, their own life. Some have hit a proverbial brick wall, or experienced a deep loss and don’t know where to turn next, while some can go no further in the way in which they are doing things and wish to experience life from a different alternative perspective. I am honored that I have been asked to guide them on their journey.

Now more than ever I feel a calling to offer, you, my friends, an opportunity for Spiritual Direction.

Easy movement, unhurried steps and a steady heart, choosing harmony over discord is the enlightened path. Hearing the call to live deeper and more authentic is like a howling wolf calling me back after being gone too long from home. I am here for you, if you should need me.

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