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Stand UP.

It’s time.

Let your voice be heard.

Allow your mind to open.

Speak your words…

Do all of this…

In your home, in front of your mirror.

Before you speak it out loud, you’ve GOT to truly believe it in your SOUL…

not in your egotistical mind.

So many of us are purely living in ego. Saying what we are supposed to say to feel accepted in the craziness around us or saying ugly words about one another because it makes us feel good to speak our truth.

Seriously, is speaking ill of one another because of who they have shown up to be, really speaking your truth. Do we even KNOW that human on a human level or are we seeing them through the beliefs that they hold?

Well, heck, we are human… we have free will… we have different thoughts, ideas, beliefs.

Guess what… that’s ok.

In deed and action we are energetically part of humanity and universal consciousness.

If you are involved in creating chaos instead of calm… look in the mirror and re-evaluate yourself.

Ask, is this coming from my Ego.. childhood wounds, fear of feeling left out so you have to be seen and/or heard, being shut down and resolving never to let that happen again, hating another human simply by what others have said about her/him…

THIS is all EGO.

… and if that’s where you feel best… carry on.

I am choosing to live like my soul depends on it.

Doing my very best every single day to witness when my ego surfaces and … understanding where it’s coming from.

Yep, it can be a bit tiresome, but I personally would prefer to be exhausted from inner work than allow the outside world to exhaust me.

If this is how you’ve been feeling as well, here’s some steps to work through it.

  1. Stop and acknowledge that you want to react
  2. Acknowledge also to yourself that this is your ego
  3. Bring to mind where this is coming from..possibly childhood
  4. Tell yourself that you love yourself… out loud… I mean, if you’re going to do it, make it powerful!
  5. Breath in and out slowly.
  6. Acknowledging this amazing step that you just took.
  7. Take another step towards gratitude.

Just my 7 cents today…
Loving you,

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