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I heard this quote “If you don’t throw pebble in a pond, you can’t see it ripple”... and that pebble hit me square between the eyes. I bent down, picked it up and threw it in the pond… and the ripples began…

My sincere apologies for bailing on you last Monday by not showing up with the Monday Musing. I can come up with at least 10 excuses why. One of which has to do with late night night Mardi Gras parades with a 9 year old…No excuses! I didn’t show up.

Lately I haven’t been showing up. I feel a sense of laziness. I read astrology so I can easily blame it on Moon and Pisces? Hmmm.. maybe that does have some truth to do it. However, I realized today, with the help of my mentor, that I create “drama“ in my life because that creates my momentum. Is that bad? Is that wrong? I came to realize, it can’t be. Because it is who I am.

Drama for me means wanting to pressure wash my house instead of writing my book or obsessing with finding ways to expand my business instead of taking one day at a time, one idea at a time and allowing it to at least take root before moving on to another.

Taking a deep breath as I write to you that my word this year is surrender. It has been in place since January 1, 2018 and already I have forgotten it.

I have begun to realize that surrender does not mean giving up. Surrender does not mean that I can be lazy. Surrender does mean however, that all things happen as they should, when the time is ready, for surrendering, is simply the universe taking care of me.

Today I surrender to the universal energy of the now. Knowing that all will be well, regardless of how that looks or feels at this moment in time.

Sending you much peace and love on this day. Come, as you yourself and surrender your will and desire to the Universe.

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